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Pyre Review

We all love puns. I think, deep down, we all know and accept this universal truth. And so, it is with this knowledge in mind that I hereby officially...

Finneman’s Best of PAX East Part 2

  Welcome to the second (and final) look at my favorite games from PAX East 2017! “Boy,” you might be asking, “That sure is a lot of games Matthew....

Horizon: Zero Dawn Review

Look, here’s the deal. I know you’re here for the score. The final verdict. All the words I have prepared for you to read count for less than that...

Is Overwatch Headed to Consoles?

Is Blizzard’s latest coming to the PS4 and Xbox One? Team-based FPS Overwatch may be headed to consoles, if several recent revelations prove true. Well, maybe “revelations” is too...